Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Macy Lynn! (Birth Story)

Thought my water broke at 9am Sunday (1/30) but I never had any leaking or gushes like I did with Myles. Went about my day, did a ton of walking, some shopping and drove over some bumpy roads.

Around 5pm I was bummed that nothing was really happening, and I figured my water hadn't broke. I ate a small dinner then went to lay down. I had had maybe 1 or 2 contractions around 9pm that made me think that things would be happening in the next day or two. Especially with the 20+ inches of snow in the forecast for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I ended up falling asleep but kept waking up to painful contractions.

Around midnight I couldn't sleep through them, and they were getting very very uncomfortable. At that time I woke DH up to tell him I think something is starting. By the time we got all our bags and things ready to go the contractions were about 3-6 min apart. I took a quick shower and we then dropped DS off at MIL's. Called my doula and told her we were in route to the hospital and that this is it.

Got to the hospital at 2:30am where they confirmed that my must had ruptured around 9am when I originally thought. I was 5-6 cm and 90% effaced. The birthing room was just around the corner, but I couldn't even make it to the room without having another contraction. By the time I got into the birthing room it was just a matter of minutes before she was born. I got into the tub, and instantly the pain was intense and I was starting to push. Instantly they told me to lean back so they could check me. I was 9-10 cm, and they told me to get out of the tub now, its time to have the baby.

They got me out of the tub and checked me again, I was 10 cm and ready to push. With only few pushes she was here! Born at 3:45 am, 6 lbs. 6 oz. & 19 in. Perfect in every way!!

It took us a few hours to decide on a name Macy Lynn. We couldn't be happier as a family of 4!

Myles meeting his baby sister for the first time!